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CPA Training in India | Online CPA Course | Certified Public Accountant

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Everything You Need to Pass the 2020 CPA Exam

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Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

What is CPA?
CPA is the highest qualification in the field of accountancy with its examination administered by the American Institute of CPA (AICPA). It enables the CPAs to transition their career from accounting to any area in Finance like Analysis & Planning, Income Tax, Regulatory Reporting and many others

What does a CPA do?
The job responsibilities of a public accountant include preparing and analysing reports on transactions, reviewing corporate and personal income tax return and providing tax consults and on-boarding for new clients.

Which are the global companies employing CPA?
Some top accounting firms to work for include Ernst & Young, Grant Thornton, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Plante Moran, Moss Adams, Rothstein Kass, Eide Baily, BDO, Crowe Horwoath and RSM US.

CPA Global Trends
More than 100K aspirants take CPA (USA) exam every year. The growth rate for number of candidates taking the CPA exam is more than 10% year over year. With the exam becoming a global standard, job opportunities have also increased. There is an uptrend of 14% in the job opportunities for Chartered holders. More than 60% companies currently employing CPA professionals are looking forward to hire more CPA professionals. With the exam getting more and more holistic, the uptick and career opportunities for Chartered holders is at an all-time high.

Opportunities for CPA holders in India
The demand for CPA has increased significantly in recent times with the growth in MNCs and outsourcing of Finance & Accounting work from Big4s in India.. MNCs and Big 4s (Delotte, EY, PwC, KPMG) are constantly on the look-out for CPAs. Many of them also sponsor their professionals to pursue the CPA course

CPA Eligibility Criteria

  • CPA eligibility differs for each of the 55 states of the United States.
  • For Indian graduates, the minimum requirement is :
    B.Com with M.Com
    Chartered Accountants with B.Com and B.Com with Accountancy Masters are eligible
    In some cases, B.Com with MBA are also eligible.
    There are a few other scenarios in which the aspirant might be eligible.
  • You can reach out to our counselor to check your eligibility.Share your academic and professional background with us at.certifications@wileyindia.com.


  • CPAs earn 10-15% more than professionals without CPAs
  • Opens up opportunities to work in areas such as audit, financial accounting and reporting, financial analysis, tax and management consulting, management accounting, business valuation, financial forensics, personal financial planning, and IT consulting
  • Opportunities to work with MNCs in India & abroad
Exam Structure

Exam 1 Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR) Exam 2 Auditing and Attestation (AUD) Exam 3 Regulation (REG) Exam 4 Business Environment & Concepts (BEC)


You can take the Uniform CPA Examination four times per year. The testing windows are as follows:

Q1 January 1 - March 10 Q2 April 1 - June 10 Q3 July 1 - September 10 Q4 October 1 - December 10

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1. How Can I Check My Eligibility For Exam?

AICPA, the body administering CPA exam requires a minimum of 150 accounting credits to take the exam. For Indian students this means a B. Com and M.Com degree or B.Com and other Master’s program. Chartered Accountants, Masters in Accounting and a few Diploma courses along with B. Com make you 100% eligible for the exam. Though there are exceptions always. Since this can be very confusing for aspirants, Wiley provides Free U.S. CPA Eligibility test services to all candidates. To get your eligibility check just send us an email with your education documents to certifications@wiley.com.

2. What's The Duration Of CPA Platinum Review Course?

CPA review course gives you the freedom to go at your own pace and allows you to plan your study as per your convenience. You can choose to create a relaxed study plan (12 months max) or a relatively intensive plan (e.g. 3 months) whichever is more suited for your individual preferences.

3. For How Long Can I Access The Course?

The course will be available to you for a period of 1 year. Since Wiley students have more than 87% success rate, we are confident you will succeed within this period.

4. I Am Repeating The Course. What Should I Do To Regain The Access?

To regain the access, students just need to provide a proof of non-appearance or failing the CPA exam.

5. I Am Experiencing Some Technical Glitch. What Should I Do?

No need to worry, we’re got you covered. If you are experiencing any glitches or technical issues; please contact our support team: https://www.efficientlearning.com/support/. Our team will try to resolve your problem at the earliest.

6. Can I Get A Response To A Query During Live Online Classes?

We have a multi-level support system for all your preparation needs. You can ask any question you have during live online classes and our subject experts will get back to you in less than 48 hours. However, if you are looking for an immediate response, you may refer to the discussion forums and seek help from other students.

7. Which Career Path Can I Take After CPA?

Careers in public accounting focus on auditing and tax functions. Public accountants usually work for several clients as part of a firm or on their own.

  • Public Accounting- Provide a full range of accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting services to their clients.
  • Business, Government & Not-for-profit organization- Found in positions ranging from staff accountant and financial analyst to CFO and CEO.
  • Specialist- CPAs are increasingly called upon to provide services in specialized areas such as business valuation and information systems.
  • Forensic Services- Forensic CPAs utilize their accounting knowledge and skills to investigate fraud and financial transgressions.
  • Financial Advisor- CPAs serve as financial advisors to individuals, helping them to manage their finances and to make informed financial decisions.

8. What Is The ROI Of CPA License?

The ROI of a CPA license depends upon your individual interests, experience and the kind of industry you’re working in. On an average, a CPA license holder garners 10-15% higher salary. Moreover, since this license opens up the global market opportunities, self-employed CPA licensees could expand the gamut of their services beyond national territories and earn a premium on their regular services. As per a study, a CPA license holder typically earns $75,000 at the start.

9. Do I Need To Be A US Citizen Or Resident To Be Eligible For CPA?

No, US citizenship or residency is not necessarily required for the CPA exam. International candidates are allowed to appear for the CPA exam provided they meet the necessary eligibility requirements of the state board. In fact, Asian countries like India and China have the most number of CPA exam takers annually after USA.

10. Does CPA Exam Differ In Different US States/Jurisdictions?

CPA exam remains the same no matter where it's taken. However, every US state/jurisdiction has its own set of education and experience requirements that individuals must meet in order to qualify for the exam. For Indian graduates, the minimum requirement is B.Com with M.Com , Chartered Accountants with B.Com, B.Com with Accountancy Masters or B.Com with MBS. You can get your eligibility checked by our expert counsellors.

11. What Are The General Requirements To Obtain A CPA License?

In general, there are three main requirements:

  • Education- 150 accounting credits. For an Indian Candidate this is typically a Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of Commerce or a Certification Course in accounting. Indian B.Com’s are generally of 120 credits and students require 150 credits to be eligible to take the exam. To fulfil the remaining 30 credits, students take short term courses in accountancy from reputed universities.
  • Experience- 1-2 years of experience under CPA

12. Approximately How Much Money Does It Cost To Take A CPA Exam (Including Preparation, Registration, Test, Travel Etc.)?

The CPA exam has multiple costs which include preparation, registration, enrolment, exam fee and many others. While course curriculum typically costs around Rs.80,000 to Rs.1,20,000. Since AICPA does not have an exam centre in India, there are other costs incurred by Indian students due to the travel and the accommodation required to take the exam. For an Indian candidate the total expense can be anywhere around Rs. 3 lakh to Rs.5 lakh approximately. This includes the travel cost to the test taking centre, the curriculum cost and the cost for Visa and accommodation.

13. How Much Work Experience Is Required To Obtain CPA License?

Many states require the candidate to have 2 year experience under a Charter holder. Many states/jurisdictions also accept non-public accounting experience (e.g., industry, government), although the number of years deemed acceptable are typically higher than for public accounting.

14. What Is The Difference Between One-Tier And Two-Tier System Of US States/Jurisdictions?

Under one-tier system, candidates must pass the CPA exam and fulfill the experience requirements to obtain both the certificate and license. On the other hand, under two-tier system you can obtain the certificate upon passing the exam and then must fulfill the experience requirements to obtain the license to practice in public accounting. Because so many factors determine whether a state/jurisdiction is considered one- or two-tier, it is recommended that you contact your state board for interpretation.

15. What Is Needed To Maintain A CPA License?

CPAs need to meet requirements defined by their licensing state board of accountancy to maintain their license. Many state licensing boards require that CPAs improve their skills through continuing professional education (CPE) courses and other avenues for professional development.

1. Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Courses

  • Typically 40 hours per year
  • Types (e.g., computer-based vs. group/classroom learning) of CPE vary by jurisdiction
  • May need ethics training and compliance
  • Subjects vary depending to type of license and area of employment
  • 2. Renewal every period: This depends on the licensing state board you’re registered with. For example, CPA licenses are valid for two-year periods in California and expire every other year at midnight on the last day of the licensees’ birth month.

16. What Is The Passing Score Of All Four Sections Of CPA?

To pass the CPA exam, you need to earn a score of at least a 75 or higher on each section score for all sections is 75 or higher. Each section of the Exam is evaluated on a scale from 0 to 99. This means passing scores are from 75 to 99 and “study more scores” are from 0 to 74. 

17. Is CPA A Computer Based Or A Paper Based Test?

CPA is a completely online computer based test and is administered at various pre-defined test centres of AICPA. It is offered in four segments namely AUD, BEC, FAR and REG. These exams are 4-hours each which include multiple choice questions, task based simulations and document review simulation. Wiley course curriculum and the test banks provide the candidates real exam questions and questions prepared by World’s best authors which ensures that Wiley’s students get the exam level questions for practice. This is the reason Wiley’s students have over 87% success rate in the CPA exam compared to the Global average of 47% from other course providers and trainers.

18. What Is The Average Pass Rate Of Exam?

Average pass rate is 46%. Due to the high quality of content and the learning platform that helps candidates plan their study, the pass rate among Wiley CPAexcel students is 87%. This is highest success rate among all the course providers globally. Wiley’s students have passed the course in as small as 3 months time studying on their own using Wiley’s content and Wiley’s Learning platform.
The CPA exam is offered quarterly in what is referred to as a “testing window.” The testing window is generally the first two months in a quarter for a calendar year. The third month is referred to as a “blackout month.” Each section may be taken separately, during one of the following testing windows:

  • January 1 through March 10
  • April 1 through May 31
  • July 1 through September 10
  • October 1 through December 10

19. When Can I Take The Exam?

The CPA exam is offered quarterly in what is referred to as a “testing window.” The testing window is generally the first two months in a quarter for a calendar year. The third month is referred to as a “blackout month.” Each section may be taken separately, during one of the following testing windows:

  • January 1 through March 10
  • April 1 through May 31
  • July 1 through September 10
  • October 1 through December 10

20. What Is The Duration Of Exam?

CPA is a 16 hour exam in total which includes 4 exam sections namely AUD, REG, FAR and BEC. A candidate gets 4 hours to complete each section.

21. Do I Need To Take Exam Of All 4 Sections In The Same Testing Window?

No, you can choose to give different section exam in different testing windows in any order. Only thing that must be kept in mind is that you have to complete all the four parts within 18 months after passing any one of the parts. Otherwise your passing credits would be forfeited and you would have to pass all sections all over again. Moreover, you cannot take the same section more than once during any one testing window.

22. What Kind Of Questions Can I Expect During Exam & How Much Weight Does Each Type Carry?

Section Questions Testlet
Type Weight
Auditing & Attestation (AUD)
Time to complete: 4 hours
72 MCQs
8 TBSs
#1 36 MCQs
#2 36 MCQs
#3 2 TBSs
#4 3 TBSs
#5 3 TBSs
Business Environment and concepts (BEC)
Time to complete: 4 hours
62 MCQs
4 TBSs
3 Written Communication
#1 31 MCQs
#2 31 MCQs
#3 2 TBSs
#4 2 TBSs
#5 3 Written Communication
Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)
Time to complete: 4 hours
66 MCQs
8 TBSs
#1 33 MCQs
#2 33 MCQs
#3 2 TBSs
#4 3 TBSs
#5 3 TBSs
Regulation (REG)
Time to complete: 4 hours
76 MCQs
8 TBSs
#1 38 MCQs
#2 38 MCQs
#3 2 TBSs
#4 3 TBSs
#5 3 TBSs

23. What Is The Validation Period Of NTS?

The NTS or Notice to Schedule is issued by NASBA. It is your approval ticket to sit for the CPA exam. The validation period of NTS differs for each state board of the USA and depends on the state you have registered your exam with. The NTS validity period starts from the date of issue of NTS and is valid for the period as per the states. For most of the states the NTS is valid for a period of 6 months. Except for Texas, California, Hawaii, Louisana, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Virginia which have NTS period from 3months to 12 month.

24. In Which International Locations Are Indians Eligible To Take Their CPA Exam?

Earlier Indian candidates needed to travel to the USA to give the CPA exam. However, with recent changes candidates can take their exam at Prometric centres located in US, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates